The warranty period for asphalt work done by Tri-Cities Asphalt is 1 year on materials and workmanship, from the date of completion, unless otherwise specified. In all circumstances regarding the warranty of work, please call and someone will meet with you to examine the problem and discuss the repair possibilities. We will try to do everything that we can in order to make the job look as nice as possible and keep you satisfied with our services.

About Cracking

The most popular question that arises in the asphalt industry relates to the cracks that develop in asphalt.

If cracking should develop, it is important to differentiate between the types of cracks. The most common type of crack is a hairline crack. If you have a hairline crack in the surface, it does not require corrective action. If the crack expands to ¼” wide and ¼” deep within the first year, we will fill it with a liquid at no charge.

Cracks developing from tree roots cannot be avoided. As trees grow, so do the roots. This type of cracking will not be covered under our warranty.

Cracks that may develop along open edges of asphalt can be avoided by properly backfilling edges with topsoil, rock, or gravel. This type of cracking will not be covered under our warranty; therefore, it is up to the contractor/owner to carry out these precautions.

Asphalt Maintenance

Maintaining your asphalt is important. Tri-Cities Asphalt recommends seal-coating from 1 to 2 years after paving and every 5 years after the initial seal. Also, we recommend addressing any cracking that develops after this warranty expires.

It will be the responsibility of the contractor/owner to properly identify any type of line (utility, irrigation, etc.) that may be under the area to be paved. We are not held responsible for any damages done to unmarked lines.